Commercial real estate is much more than location. Good choices require careful consideration of all the relationships that influence the choice of a space for your business. With 23 years of real estate experience working with business professionals, city and tribal governments, port districts, boards and commissions, James has the skills and knowledge to ensure a wise purchase. Timeliness is important, but long-term success comes from paying attention to the details and making sure the purchase is a wise one.



Real estate and banking have always been uneasy partners. But in today’s business climate getting funding is tougher than ever. No way around it, it’s affecting both buyers and sellers. James has always believed in a proactive approach to funding and has implemented the following six steps:

  1. Cultivate bank and lending organization relationships.
  2. Working closely with clients to be bankable.
  3. Linking arms with clients to navigate them thru the funding process.
  4. Providing timely supporting documentation and information
  5. Working with both buyers and sellers to create hybrid funding vehicles and opportunities.
  6. Locating commercial properties that will minimize the funding challenges.