Local Doctors Use Building Sale to Make Global Impact

Dr. Zirkle with patient Sign Fracture Group

Dr. Lewis Zirkle and the Cadwell family recently listed and sold their 8,392 SF office building at 1045 Jadwin in Richland with Commercial Agent James Wade of The Kenmore Team. The new space was sold to Dr. Lorenzo who will be remodeling it to expand his practice. Dr. Zirkle and the Cadwell family then donated over $400,000 from the proceeds of the sale to Sign Fracture Care. Sign Fracture Care is a humanitarian group whose innovative implant technology helps low income workers and children in developing countries recover from fractured bones and avoid lifelong disability. The innovative SIGN IM Nail Systems are manufactured right here in Richland, and enable doctors who don’t have access to C-arms (real-time x-ray) or power equipment to treat patients who would otherwise suffer. Since Dr. Zirkle founded the organization in 1999 they’ve helped over 100,000 patients around the world recover from fractures.

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