Sculpt Thrives In New Location

James Wade and client Lindsey from Sculpt

Sometimes people fear change, but it can be exactly what a person or business needs. James client Lindsey Kirby was working as a registered nurse when she felt the calling to make some changes. Starting within, Lindsey transformed her health, combining each new health strategy she encountered with her knowledge from nursing. Once she fell in love with a plant based nutrition line from Zija, she was soon traveling the country sharing her experience with the products.

During her travels she gained knowledge of LED light and infrared therapy, yoga, and cryotherapy to name a few. Equipped with both personal experience and professional training, Lindsey launched Sculpt, a state-of-the-art bio hacking facility where innovation meets mind and body. After launching and growing her business it was time for another change, this time to a newer, bigger location.

Lindsey worked with James to find a location that fits her brand and business needs, and has already added over 100 new members! Checkout Sculpt and give James a call if you are ready to make a change.