James’ approach

When selling properties, James develops a custom plan for each property using a range of marketing and network tools designed to give your property maximum exposure and ensure a good return on your commerical real estate investment. James is a member of the Tri-Cities Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service, and is known locally and nationally through his promotions in publications ranging from the Tri-Cities Journal of Business, to the Wall Street Journal. Internationally, James uses Loopnet, Costar, and custom websites to advertise Tri Cities Commercial Real Estate to international buyers. Communications is also important, keeping clients in the loop and well informed is an important element of the sales process.

Looking for someone who asks the right questions?


Here are the Top 12 questions that will maximize your return on the property:


1. Where is property located in relation to market activity?
2. What makes your property desirable or different?
3. What is square foot count and configuration?
4. Physical condition of property and mechanical systems?
5. Available parking?
6. Ease of access and egress?
7. Traffic count and what type of traffic?
8. What other properties would a prospect look at if they were looking at yours? What’s the competition?
9. Who would buy your property? Owner occupant? Investor? How do we reach them?
10. What financing is currently available on your type of property and what does it translate to in terms of a monthly cash flow number? What do they have to invest and do they qualify?
11. In the current banking climate, which funding organizations would be most likely to lend on your property to close the deal?
12. What can we do to the property to make it more competitive or increase the ROI?