Crossfit Unrestrained Gets Great New Location

Crossfit Unrestrained New Location

After 20 years in real estate James relationships with his clients is his most valuable asset. By consistently meeting the needs of his clients, a level of trust is developed that bridges the gap when deals need to be closed, and this deal was no different.

Crossfit Unrestrained is a gym owned by Ken and Audrey Idler in Pasco. At the beginning of this year, they were looking to build, buy or lease space to expand their gym. James helped them search for the perfect location when he suggested the mixed use space being built on Road 90 another client of his was currently developing. Two of the adjoining spaces in that building were already partially built out for another fitness business so the Idler’s could get a head start on their new location. Initially, the space seemed too big for the Idler’s but James worked diligently to make leasing this space work for both the owner and Crossfit Unrestrained. The 5 year lease was signed in early March and the new gym opened in June – HOORAH!

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